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Halide Supply Lab

We offer high quality film development, film scanning and photo printing service.

C-41 development

All film is developed using Fujifilm and Noritsu Minilab film processors.

Fujifilm stocks using Fuji CN-16 chemistry and for Kodak stock we use Kodak Flexicolour chemistry.

All processor chemistry is monitored and tested regularly with control strips and densitometer control strip readers this insurers our chemistry is at its peak to get the best results for you film development.

Film scanning

All film is scanned on Fuji Frontier & Noritsu HS-1800 film scanners at high resolution with in-scanner density, colour balanced & rotated frames as our standard, we do not offer low or medium resolution options this insures the highest quality outcome form your images.

Black and white development

All B/W film is processed in house using automatic and semi-automatic Jobo rotary film processors with Kodak X-Tol stock 1-0 ratio black and white chemistry.

E6 (slide film) 

We are currently outsourcing all E6 Slide film processing but is scanned in store at high resolution.

(We are in the process of setting up a dedicated E6 film processor for in-house E6 development)