Olympus XA 3 + A11 Flash
Olympus XA 3 + A11 Flash
Olympus XA 3 + A11 Flash
Olympus XA 3 + A11 Flash
Olympus XA 3 + A11 Flash
Olympus XA 3 + A11 Flash


Olympus XA 3 + A11 Flash

Regular price $260

Overall condition 8/10

Operation: All functions working, accurate shutter, smooth focus, light meter working.

Optics: Lens and finder are clean and clear

Cosmetic: Some minor marks on body from use, no big scratches or dents 


Olympus XA 2

The XA3, produced from 1985, is an updated XA2 which adds DX film coding support, an extra manual ASA setting of 1600, and brings back the "backlight compensation" feature from the original XA. The built-in light traps around the door were completely redesigned and improved over the XA2. A limited edition in red was produced.

Brilliant: Close the clamshell and all optics are protected. Open the clamshell and it's ready to shoot instantly.

Not only are the images wonderful, but the design and styling of these cameras are a joy to behold.


Great! I always shot Fuji Velvia 50 slide film in them.

I preferred the XA3. It's meter was more consistent and had a clearer center weighted pattern. I preferred the full program automation. The XA's meter had a weird sensitivity pattern which extended beyond the image.

The meters are traditional and non-evaluative. You must use use the Zone Systemand compensate for light and dark subjects. I set the ISO lower to increase exposure and higher to reduce it.

The XA adds a +1.5 stop backlight position.


Both lenses are sharp. The XA has a very complex lens design allowing it to fit in the camera without needing to retract or extend, and as a result of this design has some barrel distortion and light falloff at all apertures.


Lens: 35mm f/3.5, four element Tessar variant, front element focus.

Focus: three zone manual. Resets to mid-distance when clamshell is closed.

Metering: Center weighted, program auto.

ISO: 25 to 800.

Shutter: 1/500 - 2 seconds. Aperture integrated with the two shutter blades.

Power: 2 S76 cells.

Size: 2.598" x 4.102" x 1.605" HWD (measured).

Weight: 7.480 oz., (212.1g) with two S76 cells (measured).


What we think:

The XA3 and XA2 are one of the most popular of the XA series, mainly for people who don't want a rangefinder and prefer the simplified zone focus system, as all the XA series cameras the lens is stunning and super sharp.


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Olympus XA 3 + A11 Flash
Olympus XA 3 + A11 Flash
Olympus XA 3 + A11 Flash
Olympus XA 3 + A11 Flash