Storage & Collection

Negative storage
Your processed negative film or positive slides will now be stored for one month from the date you receive your film processing completion email or Dropbox link email.
Should you wish to store your negative film or positive slides longer than the specified storage period you must notify us before the one month storage period ends.


Negative collection


We made changes to our negative/positive film collection policy.  Going forward, we kindly ask that you book in a collection date in the allocated time periods.

This ensures that your negatives will ready upon pickup.  To access the booking calendar, please follow the link provided in your film processing completion email. The link will be below your Dropbox link. 

We appreciate your cooperation, should you have any questions or need help with our new system please contact us via email or phone.


Scan (digital image) Storage

Digital images (scans) are sent via a DropBox link, DropBox links are only live for 28 days.

We ask all customers to download their images from our DropBox as soon as possible to a computer or device.

Our DropBox is used as an image delivery system not as image storage system. 

We encourage all customers to collect negatives and store, as this is a raw file.