Film Developing Service

Process Roll Type Pricing Turnaround

C41 with Hi-Res scans

5397 x 3602 JPG

35mm $13 3h to Next day
120 $15 3h to Next day

C41 Develop Only

(No scans)

35mm $7 Same day
120 $10 Same day

B/W With Hi-Res scans

5397 x 3602 JPG

35mm $18 +/- 5 days
120 $22

+/- 5 days

B/W Develop Only

(No Scans)

35mm $15 +/- 5 days
120 $18 +/- 5days

E6 With Hi-Res scans

6048 x 4011 JPG


35mm $23 +/- 5days
120 $25 +/- 5days

Xpan with Hi-Res scans

10980 x 4011


+$5  2-3 Days
Half-Frame & 3D Camera +$5 2-3 Days

Imacon Flextight Scans


(Imacon Flextight Precision II)



(per frame)

2-3 days 
Push processing  35mm/120


per stop

 C-41 film is developed using Fujifilm and Noritsu Minilab film processors using two different chemistry stocks.

Fujifilm processor running Fuji CN-16 chemistry and our Noritsu is running Kodak Flexicolor RA chemistry.
We do not use inferior third party chemistry in our lab.

All processor chemistry is monitored and tested regularly with control strips and densitometer quality control strip readers.

Black and white film is processed using automatic and semi-automatic Jobo rotary film processors with Kodak X-Tol stock 1-0 ratio black and white chemistry.

E6 (slide film) We are currently outsourcing all E6 Slide film processing but is scanned in store at high resolution. Currently with the COVID-19 outbreak we cannot process E6, though we can still cross process.
    Order Form: If you wish to post your film to us please fill in our online form 
    Simply post your film to Halide Supply 24 Peel St, Collingwood VIC 3066


    *Scans are provided in high res .jpg via dropbox
    *Turnaround times are subject to change depending on demand