Fujifilm NS 160 120 film

Fujifilm NS 160 120 film

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Fujifilm is a daylight-type film designed specifically for portrait and wedding photography using daylight or electronic flash. Performs well under mixed lighting, making it an excellent choice for architectural and industrial photography as well.

All Pro films incorporate; sigma fine grain technology, 4th colour layer for improved colour reproduction under fluorescent lighting, neutral colour balance for improved skin tones, single channel printing and 'easy end seal' peel and stick tape on roll films. Colours are generally 'cooler' than the equivalent Kodak Portra line.

Expired date 10/2020

  • ISO Speed Rating: 160
  • Type: 120 mm
  • Grain: Smooth
  • Film Type: Color negative film 
  • Wide exposure latitude
  • Beautiful, natural skin tones and superb color reproduction
  • Optimized sharpness 

Sample photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/Fuji%20Pro%20160%20NPS/